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i4R Cobot

A Robotic Solution
for Electronics Manufacturing Industry!

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Industry 4.0

What is a Cobot?

Robotics for industry 4.0

It is short for collaborative robot. The robot arm are designed to work safely and interact with people in the same space in which they operate. Unlike the industrial robot, it is not necessary to place it in a cage or in a safety barrier to avoid accidents.

They have the ability to work hand in hand with people. They are equipped with force and proximity detection sensors. Their movements are relatively slow, but they can also be configured according to need.

Another feature is its exterior design that includes rounded surfaces and in special cases a soft padding to reduce the impact of collision with any object or person.

They are designed to work and perform functions in general. They are customizable, easy to adapt and learning is fast.

Functions most required by our clients. The i4r robotic arm is an excellent option for automating the following processes

  • Pick & Place
  • Polishing
  • Paint
  • Glueing
  • Welding

i4R A Robotic Solution

Get to know some of the generalities of the i4R robotic arm

i4R solutions

All i4R models are 6-axis, with 360º rotation in the joints and a tooling speed of 2 m/s. It also has an EtherCAT communication protocol that is capable of communicating up to 1Mbps. The robot's graphical teaching interface is intuitive and easy to understand, and only simple training is required to start programming the robot. power supply 110 or 220 VAC. Those general characteristics make it a very powerful robotic arm.

With a unique kinematic structure, the robot has extremely high flexibility. The modular design with the highest integration level reduces the weight of the body as much as possible.

The high torque density, low cogging force torque motor design, and the perfect cooperation with the drive, provide the best performance and stability for the robot arm.

We invite you to see more information about the different models below.

Case of succes - i4R automation

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i4R cobots offer value to all industrial processes

i4R - Welding cobot

i4R - Automated applications

i4R - Screwdriver & another

i4R - Pick & Place

Below you can learn more about i4R Cobot models

i4R SR-3

i4R | Model: SR-3

Basic Features

Payload: 3 Kg
Weight: 17 Kg
Reach: 590 mm
Join Speed: J1-J4 180° /s | J5-J6 200° /s
Repeatability: 0.03 mm

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i4R SR-5

i4R | Model: SR-5

Basic Features

Payload: 5 Kg
Weight: 23 Kg
Reach: 800 mm
Join Speed: J1-J4 180° /s | J5-J6 200° /s
Repeatability: 0.03 mm

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i4R SR-10

i4R | Model: SR-10

Basic Features

Payload: 10 Kg
Weight: 40 Kg
Reach: 1000 mm
Join Speed: J1-J2 100° /s | J3-J4 150°/s | J5-J6 180° /s
Repeatability: 0.05 mm

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We invite you to learn more about the i4R family

OnRobot, Compatible tools and accessories

Some common OnRobot tools and accessories for the i4R robot arm




Vision System

Onrobot Eyes

Vaccumm Gripper

Dual quick changer

Dual Quick Changer

Dual gripping

Gripper palletizing

Soft Gripper

Soft Gripper

Alimentary grade

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, i4R offers local support and in the client's language. It has coverage in Mexico and USA. We also offer training and coaching in the purchase of the machines in the local language.

  • The i4R robotic arms are designed for the integration not only of the productive part, they are also ready to facilitate process reports, they have an open source ROS to facilitate integration with management information systems.

  • Yes. Consumables & spare parts are already guaranteed at the time of purchase. For us it is very important that your processes work correctly.

  • Yes. Once a i4R model is acquired, Solucinde takes care of the installation and training of the necessary personnel without additional costs. We offer FireBox in a turnkey model.