SMT equipment


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Known as SMT, SurfaceMount echnology is the system or set of processes used to solder SMC surface mount components, Surface Mount Component on a PCB, Printed Circuit Board. SMCs are micro miniaturized components with or without terminals that are soldered directly in conductive areas located on the surface of the PCB called «lands» footprints without the need to be inserted and go through the THT card, through hole technology.

The reasons for using SMT technology:

– Miniaturization of electronic products has not been reduced by previously used perforated plug-in components.

– The electronic function of the product is more complete. The integrated circuit (IC) used does not have perforated components, especially large-scale integrated circuits and integration, have to use surface patch components.

– Batch production and production automation. SMT processing plant to produce high-quality, low-cost, high-performance products to meet customer needs and strengthen market competitiveness.


– Development of electronic components, development of integrated circuits and diversified applications of semiconductor materials.

– The electronic science and technology revolution is imperative and follows the international trend.

We are experts who can help you carry out the analysis and the choice of equipment that suits your needs in the SMT process. Here are some of our solutions for SMT lines.

Programador IC, a solution SMT excellent

Laser Marking Machine

Packing Machine

Automated Taping Machine. Packing IC to tape and reel; does not need to combine with automation.

Automated Repacking System Looking for automated universal packing system that transfers materials from tray to tape or tape to tube.

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