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Achieves a more automated and efficient manufacturing, reducing the size and weight of devices by allowing for greater component density.

Through Hole

Contributes to the electronic circuit assembly process in which components are inserted through holes drilled into PCBs and soldered to traces on the opposite side.

Back End

Ensures the functionality and reliability of the final product with the protection of circuits against environmental factors, depaneling, screwing, cleaning, among other processes to obtain a finished product.


Working with the world’s leading brands in manufacturing solutions

Intelligents Storage Solutions, Printers and Pick and Place

Reflow Ovens, Selective Soldering and Wave Solder Machines

Insertion Machines for Axials, Radials, Terminals, Pins, Buttons and Odd Form

Wire Solutions Machines

Cutting and Forming Machines for THT

Automated IC Programming System

Depaneling Machines, V-Cut, BIT Cut, Laser Cutting

Washer Machines for PCBS, Nozzles, Stencils, Pallets

Cartesian Robots for Dispensing, Screwing and Soldering

Conveyors and Laser Markers

BGA Rework Stations and X-Ray Inspection Machines

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We have extensive coverage across a significant portion of the Mexican territory, and we are also expanding into the United States market.


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