The WS-BPX2A is specifically designed for stripping flat cables. It offers cutting, stripping, and splitting methods. It is widely used in the wire harness processing industry for automotive electrical appliances, instrumentation, lamps, household appliances, and more.

1. With splitting wire function

2. Suitable for different size flat cable, the flat catheter size can be customized

3. Length can be set in a large range

4. Simple operation and convenient maintenance

5. Fast speed, high precision and stable performance


Model WS-BPX2A
Features With wire splitting function
Stripping Length Head 0-15mm, Tail 0-15mm
Cutting Length 1-100000mm
Cutting Length Tolerances ≤(0.001*L)mm
Intermediate Stripping Max 13 sections
Conduit Diameter Flat 100*22*2.8mm
Production Rate L=100mm, 3000-5000pcs/h
Display Screen Chinese / English LCD Screen
Drive Method 4 wheels drive
Power Supply 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
Power 450W
Weight 33kg
Dimensions 39*35*25.5cm

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