This automatic large cable cutting and stripping machine is designed for processing large power cables, sheathed wires, soft, and hard wires. It can automatically cut and strip insulation at both ends and perform multi-level stripping processing simultaneously.

1. This machine is a new type of cable processing equipment controlled by a microcomputer. It is used in various industries such as automotive, power cables, electric control cabinets, battery box cables, new energy vehicle wiring harnesses, charging pile harnesses, charging gun wiring harnesses, BV hard wires, and BVR soft wires.

2. It can be programmed to set the wire length, head peeling, and tail peeling, significantly improving efficiency.

3. The machine can automatically cut and strip insulation at both ends and perform multi-level stripping simultaneously.

4. It features an industrial-grade control chip with a high-precision motor and driver, allowing for high-speed operation over long periods.

5. Controlled by a controller and touch screen, it can save up to 100 stripping procedures.

6. Capable of processing cables up to 70 Sq mm, its strong power ensures efficient work.

7. The machine is highly functional with multiple ports reserved for input and output signals of auxiliary equipment.

8. Auxiliary equipment such as automatic wire feeders, receivers, robots, winding machines, etc., can be easily connected.


Model WS-8070A
Display mode 7 inch real color touch screen
Function wire cutting and stripping
Head stripping RV cable is up to 120mm, and sheathed wire is up to 500mm
Tail stripping up to 260mm
Cable types PVC cables, sheathed wires, etc.
Stripping size 10-70 mm2
Cutting lenght 0.1-99999.9mm
Cutting tolerance within 0.002*L(L=cutting length)
Max diameter Φ25
Blades material imported high speed steel
Capacity 1800 PCS/h
Driving mode 32 wheel drive (silent hybrid stepping motor, servo tool holder)
Feeding method Feeding with belt, the cable has no indentation

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