The machine for stripping and crimping the core wires of a multi-conductor cable can accurately and continuously complete tasks such as wire feeding, inner core stripping, and terminal crimping.

1. The multi-core cable core wires stripping and connector crimping machine can complete wire feeding, inner core stripping, terminal crimping accurately and continuously.

2. This machine is especially designed for processing the core wires of multi-conductor sheathed cable. The outside jacket should be pre-stripped before using this machine, and the operator only need to place the cable in the working position, then the machine will strip wire and crimp terminal automatically. It greatly imporoves the multi-core sheathed cable processing effeciency.

3. The control system adopts PLC and color touch screen, the moving parts are driven by servo motors, simple operation and high processing accuracy.


Model WS-68210CA
Function Core wires straightening, insulation stripping and terminal crimping
Terminal range 1.25-187 250
Wire range AWG18-AWG28
Stripping length 1.5mm-8mm
Crimping force 1.5 Ton (2.0 Ton available)
Efficiency 700pcs/H (Shortest 70mm, longest without limitation)
Air pressure 4-6kgf (0.4-0.6Mpa) (use clean and dry air)
Voltage Single phase AC220V/50/60Hz
Power mechanism Lisan closed loop stepping motor
Movable mechanism Full screw slider movement
Air cylinder Starway CDU20*15 2pcs, TN10*70 1pc MH2Y-16D 1pc,TDA10*10 1pc,CQ2B25-15 2pcs CQ2B30-20 1pc
Air-in Oil-water separator 8 solenoid valves
Mechanical part One OTP mold, terminal crimp machine, 3F stripping mechanism, and wire straightening mechanism
Gross weight 270kg
Dimensions 83*65*148cm

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