This machine can wind wire into round and 8-shaped forms, automatically cut cable tie wire, and twist it. It is commonly used for bundling AC/DC power cords, USB data cables, video cables, HDMI cables, and other types of transmission wires.

1. It is equipped with step motors, adopted PLC touch screen to control cable tie length
2. The winding speed and winding cycle are both adjustable
3. Improve the working efficiency compared with the manual operation
4. Reasonable price and good quality, easy to operate


Model WS-40A
Length of 8 Shape 50-200mm(can be adjusted, can be customized)
Dia of Round Shape Φ50-200mm(can be adjusted, can be customized)
Winding Speed Can be set, 30 speed options
Number of Windings Can be set, 1-999 cycles
Bundling Diameter Φ30-60mm
Cable Tie Length 150-260mm
Number of Bindings Can be set, 2-6 cycles are good
Cable Tie Plastic or rubber coated iron core wire
Power Supply 110/220VAC,50/60Hz
Power 80W
Weight 45kg
Dimensions 45*39*58cm

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