The WS-30HTA is designed for fully automatic cutting and stripping of both the jacket and inner cores of multi-core cables. It supports processing sheathed cables with up to 7 cores.

1. One machine ok for different wire sizes
2. Long stripping length, max 200mm
3. Belt feeding for wire, no press marks and no scratches on cable
4. Adopts 16-wheels drive, silent hybrid stepper motor and servo tool holder, work stable


Model WS-30HTA
Conductor Cross-Section 6-30mm²
Cutting Length 1-99999mm
Cutting Length Tolerances ≤(0.002*L)mm
Jacket Stripping Length Head 20-120mm; Tail 20-240mm
Inner Core Stripping Length Head 1-120mm; Tail 1-240mm
Conduit Diameter Φ16mm
Display Screen 7 inch touch screen
Production Rate 2300pcs/h (based on wire size);
Sheath wire 800pcs/h(based on wire size)
Drive Method 16 wheels drive
Wire Feed Method Belt feeding wire, no indentation on cable
Tool Material High quality imported high production rate steel
Weight 115kg
Dimensions 84.5*54*62.5cm

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