The WS-2017CA is an electric wire stripping machine that offers various cable processing modes, including half-strip, full-strip, double-layer strip, and others. It can process cables within the range of AWG30-AWG4 (0.04-20 square mm).

1. Pure electric wire stripping machine, high precision, simple and convenient debugging

2. High accuracy, no need for foot switch

3. Multiple processing modes meet different types of wire processing. (half strip, full strip, double-layer strip, etc.)

4. It adopts a 90-degree V-shaped knife edge design, which has strong versatility and does not need to change the blade when processing different wires.

5. Both the gripper and the knife edge adopt the translation principle to ensure that the center height remains the same when processing different wire diameters

6. Up to 30 sets of processing parameters can be stored

7. Processing range: AWG30-AWG4 (0.04-20 square millimeters), stripping length 1mm-40mm




Model WS-2017CA
Processing range AWG30-AWG4 (0.04-20 square mm)
Function half strip, full strip, double-layer strip, etc.
Production capacity 1800-2000 pieces/hour (depending on operating proficiency)
Stripping length 1mm-40mm
Adjustment accuracy 0.05mm
Working voltage AC220V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 500mm*620mm*300mm
Weight 20kg

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