The WS-2015DA electric wire stripper is capable of processing discrete wires, solid wires, single-stranded wires, single-core cables, multi-core cables, rubber wires, and PUR, PVC, and Teflon wires.

1. Suitable for stripping discrete wires and small multi-conductor cables
2. Extremly short cycle times
3. No need to change blade
4. Beign able to strip very short cables


Model WS-2015DA
Available wire size 0.03- 4mm²
Max. cable OD 4.2mm
Full strip 0.5mm
Partial strip 6mm
Setting accuracy 0.01mm (0.001″)
Max. stripping length 20mm
Processing time 0.5s
Net weight 4.5kg
Dimension (Length * Width * Height) 380 x 85 x 188 mm

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