The WS-120A is capable of fully automatic cutting and stripping of large-sized cables, such as those used in the automotive industry’s power systems.

1. Easily process cables below 120 sqmm, improving working efficiency in applications such as electric control cabinets, battery box cables, new energy vehicle wiring harnesses, and charging pile harnesses.
2. Long stripping length than normal machines
3. Belt feeding cable, no embossing and scratches on the cable
4. Uses specific axial positioning and advanced tool holders, improving accuracy and production rate
5. Optional auxiliary equipment: automatic wire feeder, wire collector etc


Model WS-120A
Features Screw tool cutting
Conductor Cross-Section 10-120mm²
Cutting Length 1-99999mm
Cutting Length Tolerances ≤(0.002*L)mm
Stripping Length Head 1-800mm;Tail 1-260mm
RV cable full strip max 120mm, sheath wire max 500mm
Conduit Diameter Φ30mm
Production Rate 1800pcs/h (based on wire size)
Display Screen 7 inch touch screen
Drive Method 32 wheels drive
Wire Feed Method Belt feeding wire, no indentation on cable.
Power Supply 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
Power 3500W
Weight 240kg
Dimensions 120*72*146cm

Performing Examples

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