The WS-05Z model is specifically designed for small wires and is operated using keypad buttons. It is ideal for tasks such as stripping and bending jumper wires in electric control cabinets, meter boxes, contactors, table boxes, watch cabinets, and other applications where small wire manipulation is required.

1. Support almost arbitrarily adjust angle and bending length

2. Excellent bending consistency, and eliminate manual operation error

3. Automatic stripping and bending, improve work efficiency

4. Equip with Shangyin linear slide, precision pneumatic pressure roller, more precision, more complete functions

Model WS-05Z
Conductor Cross-Section 1-6mm²
Stripping Length 0.1-50mm
Cutting Length 1-100000mm
Cutting Length Tolerances ≤(0.001*L)mm
Bending Length Can be set
Bend Shape/Angle Shape U,Z,clockwise,counterclockwise bend, 30°,45°,60° and 90°.
Production Rate L=100mm, 2000-3000pcs/h
Power Supply 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
Power 600W
Conduit Diameter Generally Φ10mm,can custom according to wire size
Display Screen Chinese / English LCD Screen
Weight 55kg.
Dimensions 53*53*40cm

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