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WIRETEK, cable processing solutions

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What is WIRETEK?

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It is a brand of cable cutting and stripping machines. Able to process materials such as PVC, Teflon, silicone, glass fibers. Its application is very wide within the automotive, harness, electrical, instrumentation, and inulination industries, among others.


Ren Thang


The model allows cutting and stripping of PVC, silocon, fiber optic and Teflon cables. It is the best option for the automotive industry or where harness manufacturing is done.

Within its characteristics it allows cutting lengths from 1 to 9999 mm. It has an LCD display to program the cutting data. Power supply 110/220 AC 50/60 Hz. Dimensions 39x35x25.5 mm and a weight of 31 kg. Would you like to know more about the machine? You can download the catalog on the button above or you can request a quote below.



Model designed for cutting and stripping multi-wire cables, both in sheath and in cores. Supports a maximum of 7 threads.

Among its characteristics are, drive method 16 wheels drive. Wire feed method belt feeding wire. Cutting length 1 to 9999 mm. Production rate 2300 pcs/h, based on wire size. Dimensions 84.5x54x62.5 cm and a weight of 115 kg. Power supply 110/220 AC. I invite you to learn more about the model, download the catalog from the button above or if you like a quote below.



It is a special model for cutting and stripping flat cables with up to 12 points. Processing methods include cutting, stripping, and segmenting. It is highly recommended for industrial sectors that require processing harnesses. Both in automotive, electronics, appliances and others.

Some of its characteristics. Available wire size 2-12P flat cable. Stripping length head 0-15mm, tail 0-15mm. Cutting length 1-9999 mm. Drive method 4 wheels. Production rate L 100 mm, 3000 - 5000 pcs/h. Dimensions 39x35x25.5 cm. I invite you to download the catalog to learn more about the WIRETEK models or you can request a quote below.

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