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Through Hole

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There are two types of PCB component mounting technologies. The first and newest is Surface Mount Technology (SMT), secondly, we have Trough Hole Technology (THT).

Through Hole technology is used in the following cases:

  • Component size cannot be reduced
  • It is required to connect the upper and lower layers of the PCB (Top Layer and Bottom Layer).
  • The component is essential due to its functions (flame retardant resistors, large capacitances, large voltages, internal mechanical elements, etc).
  • You need to create an inexpensive or very low-priced circuit.

We offer Through hole solutions with the Ren Thang and THIM3 brands. Ren Thang Co. is a leading cutting and preforming brand for radial, axial and odd form components. In component insertion, THIM3 equipment is the best option for the industry due to its unique market characteristics.

We are experts who can help you to carry out the analysis and the choice of equipment that adapts to your needs in inserting components, cutting & preform and taping.

Some of our through hole solutions

Machines for inserting axial components, radians, pins and terminals. Axial Lead Forming machine, Radial Lead Forming machine, Radial Lead Cutter Forming machine, IC/ Power Transistor Lead Forming machine, Taped Axial Cutting machine and another solutions. We invite you to learn about our solutions. Here we present different equipment with its technical data sheet and operating videos. Visit their web pages.

THIM3 the terminal insertion machine, a solution through hole excellent

Radial Lead Cutter, Bender & Former | Cut, bend and form Radial Leads

Power Transistor Lead Forming Machine

Radial Lead Cutter, Bender & Former | Cut, bend and form Radial Lead

Multi-Fuction. Radial Lead Cutter, Bender & Former | Cut, bend and form Radial Leads

Lead Forming Machine

Axial Lead Former M-Type

Taped Axial Cutting Machine with Electronic Drive Unit –U type

Axial Lead Forming Machine. Axial Lead Bender & Former | Axial Lead Forming machine

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