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Wave Solder & Selective Solder

A Through Hole 360º Solution
for Electronics Manufacturing Industry!

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What is Through Hole?

Know Through Hole 360º

There are two types of PCB component mounting technologies. The first and newest is Surface Mount Technology (SMT), secondly, we have Trough Hole Technology (THT). To offer value to the industry we have the integrated Throug Hole 360º solution. In it you will be able to solve cutting & preforming of components, packaging for feeder, insertion and through hole welding. More information below.

Through Hole technology is used in the following cases:

  • Component size cannot be reduced
  • It is required to connect the upper and lower layers of the PCB (Top Layer and Bottom Layer).
  • The component is essential due to its functions (flame retardant resistors, large capacitances, large voltages, internal mechanical elements, etc).
  • You need to create an inexpensive or very low-priced circuit.

FireBox a Through Hole Soldering Solution

Solutions for welding in the through hole process of the electronic manufacturing industry.

In through hole welding solutions we offer two models of machines. A solution for wave soldering and selective soldering. The through hole process in many companies is still done manually. That makes the process very expensive. We invite you to watch the video below and learn more about the solutions offered to make the through hole process more efficient, economical and with an excellent ROI

FireBox Models

  • WS-450: Lead-Free Wave Soldering System
  • SH-3D-450: Integrated Selective Soldering
  • TEA-1000D: Reflow Oven
  • JT-1200: Reflow Oven
  • We invite you to see more information about the different models below.

    Wave Solder a through hole solution


    WS-450 | Lead-Free Wave Soldering System

    Basic Features

    Power: 380 VAC 50/60 Hz 63A
    Dimensions & Weight: 4350 mm * 1600 mm * 1730 mm | 2954 Kg
    No. of preheating zones: 4
    PCB size & Speed: 50 - 450 mm | 300 - 1800 mm/min
    Conveyor angle: 4 - 7°

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    SH-3D-450 | Selective Soldering

    Basic Features

    Power: 380 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions & Weight: 2600 mm * 1800 mm * 1650 mm | 2800 Kg
    PCB width & length: 60-450 mm | 120-500 mm
    Wave height & Heating time: 3-5 mm | 40 min/(300º C)
    Location Speed: X/Y 2-200 mm/s

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