Spare Parts for SMT

Spare Parts

We Stock and Supply thousands of SMT Spare Parts, and Consumables, everything in Stock  at  Competitive prices!

Panasonic Feeders & JUKI Feeders, Fuji Nozzle & JUKI Nozzle, Squeegees for SMT screen printer and another solutions. We invite you to learn about solutions. Here we present different equipment with its technical data sheet. Visit their web pages or contac us now.

Spare Parts

We have the best brand SMT spare parts. Such as, Pick & Place SMT feeder, SMT nozzle, screen printer Squeegees

SMT Feeder for the electronics industry. All for Pick & Place machine.

The best brands

  • Feeder Panasonic
  • Feeder JUKI
  • Feeder Hover Davis
spare parts



Nozzles for Pick & Place machine. Different brands and with the best prices on the market.


Squeegees for Screen Printers. The squeegees for different screen printer technologies.

PCB Handling Tapes

SMT Rail Belt for Pick and Place Machines

Led Inspection

UIC Universal Led Inspection for Pick and Place Machines.

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