ESD rack

SMT Magazine Rack

Leenol is a high-tech company that masters integrated solutions for SMT. It offers a line of ESD products, in its offer to the market there is a range of ESD magazines.

The rack is designed for PCBs manufacture, assembly, storage and transfer. Adjustable through screws,gear adjustment. Common type 80°C up to 550°C are avail.

SMT Magazine Rack

The magazines are ESD, uploads and down load, they are adjustable according to the needs of the PCB. The load capacity may vary according to the structure of the magazine and its slot capacity.

Below is a table of contents, you will be able to consult the models and their characteristics.

smt magazine rack

SMT Magazine information

In the following table you can review the models and their characteristics. For more information you can contact us.

smt magazine table

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