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Industrial robotics is not something new, it has already existed for some years, but the arrival of the so-called «industrial revolution 4.0» brings changes for today’s industry. Robots do tasks, in general, in the production plant of companies. Industry 4.0 leads to the deep integration of these machines and all the data that it can offer, with others that work in the same production area and other productive areas, but not only that, but also with other sectors of the company, such as the area of finance, inventory, engineering among other areas.
While well-known robots will continue to exist, a whole new range will be present in new areas and industries. Automation is transversal to all, but industry 4.0 allows new spaces to incorporate it, not only the manufacturing or the heavy or chemical industries; commerce is a good example: Amazon is using robots for its orders.

The current challenge is for all those systems that already exist to fit in with this new vision. It is important to understand that Industry 4.0 is a paradigm rather than a set of specific products or solutions; So it’s about changing the way you think in the company first, rather than carrying out a one-by-one change of robots in the plant. Everything that exists can be adapted, and that is the challenge. Some elements can even be adapted more easily than others, for example, 3D printing, which is another way of manufacturing.

The robotic solutions we offer are excellent. We present some of them.

  • Soldering Robots
  • Selective Soldering Robot
  • Screwdriver Robots
  • Robot arm, cobot

Equipment for industry 4.0 | Robotic applications

Robotic Solutions 2

Look the video about i4R Cobot

Robotic solutions are an important element in the implementation of Industry 4.0. Making possible the reduction of work accidents, making processes that require special care and above all efficiency within the company more productive. Our robotic solutions do all of that and add extra value, great ROI. We invite you to learn about the solutions we offer to the market for the electronic manufacturing industry below.

Robotic arms to automate industrial manufacturing processes

The i4R robotic arm is an excellent collaborative option. It is possible with i4R to automate pick & place processes, glue, welding, screwed,  polishing, painting and many other industrial processes. We invite you to learn more.

Cartesian welding robot & welding machines. Great solutions for working online or offline

We present you the welding robot stations. They are an excellent and very economical solution to add value to the welding process in the electronics industry.  They are Cartesian models that allow fast and repetitive work. We also have one-station and two-station models.

In-line Soldering Robot

Selective Soldering Robot

Selective Soldering robot

Mini Soldering Robot

Standard Automatic Soldering Machine

Standard Intelligent Soldering Robot

Dual Soldering Head Soldering Machine

Robot, equipment and screwdriving stations. solutions manual, online and offline.

Screwdriving stations with Cartesian principle. It is an excellent opportunity to automate back end screwdriving processes. We have models of double station and double head, semi automatic and automatic.

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