RFS-i1 | RFS-i1
Selective Soldering Robot
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Selective Soldering Robot

Point and Click

  • To draw path with scanned picture as background, easiest way for path programming.

Solder path editing

  • Moving speed,Z height, wave height, Dwell time, wave slope speed etc are editable, get max flexibility to fit different type of components on the board. Empth move time, site working time, total cycle time are estimated once path programming finished. Easy for balance production line.

Maintenance & replacement assisting function

  • We know how important the maintenance for a selective soldering machine. In the software, we list all maintenance job, time taking, comsumable parts life and remain life, etc. It can export to excel list, engineer can check what parts need to replace in next 3 month or 6 months, in this way to they can prepare everything in advance.
Selective Soldering RFS-i1

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Selective Soldering robot

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