ISM 3600

ISM 3600

Intelligent Storage Management System

SMD Storage Solution | Intelligent storage

Increase your capacity by 100% and use 20% less footprint with the ultra flexible and easy to integrate UltraFlex 3600. Owners of the new system will not have to compromise anymore on storage mix because of predefined configurations or expensive customizations, thus optimizing their storage capacity and investment.

  • Simultaneous Extraction and Insertion of up to 54 reels at a time
  • Integration with ERP software and most major pick and place brands
  • Available in three configurations: 7” reels only, 15” reels only or a mix of 7” and 15” reels.
  • ESD Compliant

ISM 3600 | Intelligent Management System

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The intelligent storage management system

ISM 3600 is smart and efficient storage management is becoming the key success factor in SMT manufacturing. This ensures an ideal output while ensuring the greatest flexibility of the product program.

Top of the line SMD reel management with a max capacity of 3620 reels and expansible with ISM 3900. The system is double reel system case / insert trays that hold the reels perfectly. The ISM 3600 can be easily attached to an SMT line.

Increase your capacity by 100% and use 20% less space with the ultra-flexible and easy-to-integrate ISM 3600. Owners of the new system will no longer have to compromise the storage mix due to costly pre-configured configurations or customizations, optimizing their storage capacity. and investment.

Maximum flexibility: all heights combinations
Heights configuration practically unlimited. Every tray has a range from a minimum height of 8mm to a maximal height of 88mm. The machine is able to dynamically manage the subdivision of the interior spaces just as occurs with a hard disk.

Humidity control module Plug and Play.

Like all ISM models, also ISM 3600 can be equipped with the module for humidity control. The warehouse environment is always under control. Moreover, the humidity level is constantly below 5%

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