Through Hole Equipment


THIM3 is the market leading brand in Through Hole insertion. With its variety of equipment for the insertion of axial, radial, pin and terminal components. Their equipment has unique characteristics on the market.

THIM3 insertion machines have up to 4 heads, making a more efficient cycle time for production, shorter Chang Over time, it does not require an operator since it can be inline. It allows the traceability of operations and connects to the company’s favorite ERP.


  • THIM3A, Axial components insertion
  • THIM3P, PIN insertion
  • THIM3R, Radial components insertion
  • THIM3T, Terminal insertion

We invite you to learn more about it. Here we present the THIM3 equipment

Through Hole insertion machine

Insertion Machines

It is the solution for inserting radial, axial, pin, terminal and odd form components. It has up to 4 heads, you can rotate the heads with an increment from 1 degree, independent feeder for each head. The THIM3 allows you to be inline, only requires a loader and unloader, does not require an operator, drastically reducing scrap.

Able to supply

  • Electrical industries appliances:Air conditioner, Television, Microwave, Electric cooker, Electric kettle, Induction cooker etc.
  • Power supply appliance: Vehicle power supply, Energy saving power supply, Ballast etc.
  • LED application:LED lighting, LED display, LED lights, LED control systems, LED luminous characters.
  • Vehicle industries application: Vehicle power supply, Vehicle, Car audio etc.
  • Energy saving lighting industries application: Industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, street lamp, floodlight etc.
  • Other electronic industries application: Electronic watch, Electronic Instrument, electronic spare parts etc.

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