Genesys CC

Conformal Coating Inspection

Deep Learning bubble inspection.
Double sided PCB inspection.
Coating inspection for lateral side of components with 18M side camera.
Standard SMT PCB inspection.
Precise fiducial / bad mark recognition with coaxial light.

  • Camera Resolution: 15 Megapixel CoaXPress Color Camera.
  • Lens Resolution: 10-15 µm.
  • Lens Configuration: Precision Telecentric Compound Lens.
  • Inspection Speed: 5,080-10,716 mm2 / Sec.
  • Power Requirement: Single Phase(s) 200~240V 50/60Hz, 1.1 kW.
  • Air Requirement: 5 Kgf / (0.5 Mpa).
  • Teaching Method: Manual Teaching | AI Auto Teaching (TBD).
  • H/W Options: Triple Stage Conveyor, Flipper, Z-Axis, 18M Side Camera (4EA), PCB Support Pin, NG Marker, Barcode Reader (1D/2D/Camera Type).

For more detailed information about the equipment and brand download the brochure.