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i4R Welding

A solution for CobWelding
Automate welding processes easily!

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Industry 4.0

What is CobWelding?

Welding Automation

Cobwelding is the application of a cobot to welding processes. i4r Welding is a product designed to automate those processes. How does it work? The robotic arm makes the process safe and efficient, the torch and machine, are responsible for the weld quality to make it great. All parts of cobwelding play a crucial role in offering quality and efficient welding results.

Where is it possible to apply cobwelding?

Collaborative welding is possible to apply in different industries such as metal mechanics, manufacturing of home appliance equipment, manufacturing of furniture, production of accessories and automotive parts.

Characteristics of a process to apply cobwelding

    Repetitive welding processes.
    Unsafe or non-ergonomic processes
    High volume and low mix of parts
    High production parts

i4R Welding JR - Case of succes

i4R Welding JR doing the CobWelding process

We invite you to watch the videos below

i4R - Welding cobot

i4R - Welding Detail

i4R - CobWelding process programming

i4R - Finished CoWelding process

Below you can learn more about i4R Welding

i4R Welding JR

i4R | Welding JR

Basic Features

Recommended cobot model: SR-5, SR-10 & SR-15
Brand of compatible welding machines: Lincoln, Miller, ESAB & Fronius
Recommended torch brand:Tregaskiss
Material to be welded: Steel alloys, stainless steel & aluminum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, i4R offers local support and in the client's language. It has coverage in Mexico and USA. We also offer training and coaching in the purchase of the machines in the local language.

  • The i4R robotic arms are designed for the integration not only of the productive part, they are also ready to facilitate process reports, they have an open source ROS to facilitate integration with management information systems.

  • Yes. Consumables & spare parts are already guaranteed at the time of purchase. For us it is very important that your processes work correctly.

  • Yes. Once a i4R model is acquired, Solucinde takes care of the installation and training of the necessary personnel without additional costs. We offer FireBox in a turnkey model.